Stories of Change

Daring to Dream: Santosh – Delhi

Street and working children are very low in the social hierarchy and have no access to education, basic health care, adequate nutrition, leisure time or the safety and security of their homes, families and communities. Santosh reached Delhi, the capital of India, about which he had read while studying in a government school in his… [Read More]

Fighting Adversities: Omar – Afghanistan

“I want to make it big” “I want to restore Kabul to its past beauty” – Words of a confident, independent, forward-looking 13-year old Omar from Kabul, Afghanistan. Omar was born and brought up in Kabul, a city with half constructed, dilapidated, bullet-ridden buildings comprising a poverty-stricken population with few basic amenities. In this city,… [Read More]

Challenging Destiny: Tania Naaz – Bihar

Tania Naaz, the daughter of a sex worker, lives in a red light district in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, an eastern state in India. She was in the ninth grade when her father got paralysed and became bed-ridden. Tania was not able to continue her studies. As part of a Muslim family in which females are not… [Read More]

A Budding Talent: Pankaj – Delhi

Fourteen year old Pankaj belongs to Sharsa district of Bihar, an eastern state in India. He used to live there with his parents, three brothers and one sister. Pankaj went to Chennai, located in South India, with his uncle to learn the art of applying mehendi (henna) and make a living. After four months of… [Read More]

A Domestic Help’s Plight: Payal – Delhi

Twelve year old Payal used to be a domestic worker in Delhi. A concerned adult living in the neighborhood where she worked called Butterflies Childline to report Payal’s plight. The neighbor explained that for several months she had heard Payal’s screams from the house. She eventually met Payal, who described the hardships she was facing… [Read More]