Following a non-institutional, participatory and rights-based approach, Butterflies has initiated a number of focused interventions for street and working children:  field based interventions (Program Action) and advocacy, research, training and alliance building with partners and stakeholders (Policy Action).

Program Action:
Butterflies has earned recognition worldwide for its innovative, groundbreaking and relevant programs for street and working children. Butterflies works to empower these children with the skills and knowledge to help them break the cycle of illiteracy and poverty. Our programs for children include Education, Health Care, Children’s Development Bank and Children’s Alternate Media (Radio, Theatre and Newspaper).  In addition, Butterflies operates three night shelters, a Resilience Centre, the Childline service for South Delhi as well as Community Kitchen and Night Out, which are carried out in 12 contact areas in Delhi, each with a high concentration of street/working children (such as bus terminus, market, railway station).

Our objective is to equip children with the tools they need to protect their rights, provide them support for re-instatement into their families when possible and to help them develop into productive and well-rounded citizens overall. Children’s participation and empowerment is the core philosophy for Butterflies programming. It is the basic value on which projects are designed and promoted and is manifested throughout the entire process of planning and implementation of all programs.

Policy Action:
In addition to direct interventions, Butterflies also has research, alliance building, advocacy and training programs that works to support mobilization of civil society and influence policies at all levels. We are active participants on both a national and international platform for advocating and promoting policies and programs to protect the rights of children.